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The Epsilon Delta chapter of Alpha Delta Pi was founded on May 15, 1965 at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We are committed to our values, academics, and sisters. Our members can be found participating in a variety of opportunities offered on Western Kentucky University's campus. From professional organizations to intramural sports, they truly invest in each opportunity they take part in. We feel so privileged to be part of this incredible chapter that pushes us to be the first in all we do. Alpha Delta Pi isn't just four years. It's forever.


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Welcome to the Epsilon Delta chapter of Alpha Delta Pi! My name is Elizabeth Lyons, and I currently serve as the Chapter President. I am honored to serve a chapter that consists of unique, driven, and confident women who empower one another and myself each day. 


A college student’s journey can be anything but predictable. My years as a Hilltopper have been full of new adventures and new beginnings, but Alpha Delta Pi has been the constant I longed for when I first began at WKU. Going through recruitment as a freshman, I wanted to find a group of women that provided me comfort and sincerity when I needed it most while simultaneously pushing me beyond what I thought I could do in order to achieve what I was meant to do. I have developed friendships with women who push me to step out of my comfort zone and those who can tell a story that will make me laugh for five minutes straight after finishing up a week full of exams. The sisters of Epsilon Delta continuously prove to be the perfect balance of what I sought after when I first walked through the blue door at 1633 Chestnut Street. 


“Be the First” was the new tagline that Alpha Delta Pi revealed at Grand Convention in 2019. A tagline that embodies the heart and attitude of each of the 144 sisters that make up Epsilon Delta. I am surrounded by sisters who live each day to lead and serve others by going the extra mile to make a peer or stranger feel valued and cared for. I value each moment we are all together because I get to see the faces of women who are leaders on campus and in the community. I see the unique talents of 144 women that will carve their own paths in each of their future endeavors. 


Coming from a small town surrounded by the same people for most of my life made embarking on a four-year journey full of unknowns ten times scarier. However, as I reflect on my time in Alpha Delta Pi, those unknowns have been replaced with sweet memories and self-enhancing experiences because of the encouragement and confidence from my sisters. 


As you browse through Epsilon Delta’s website, I hope you get a glimpse of the adventurous, philanthropic, and trailblazing women that make up our chapter. These women have unique stories and passions that inspire me every day and I am confident they will inspire you as well. 


Elizabeth Lyons

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