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Parent FAQ

How will my daughter benefit from joining Alpha Delta Pi?

There are so many benefits to being part of Alpha Delta Pi. This sorority provides a wide range of opportunities for members to get involved on campus and within the surrounding community. We are committed to equipping our members with skills that will not only benefit them now but also in the future. Our dedication to leadership, academics, and service enables us to continuously seek and experience growth. Here at Alpha Delta Pi, your daughter will find a support system like no other.

What leadership opportunities does Alpha Delta Pi offer?

Alpha Delta Pi is full of ambitious leaders. Members have the opportunity run for officer positions within the sorority or take on other important leadership roles. With these roles come great responsibilities that prepare members for the real world. No matter what your daughter is passionate about or how she chooses to become involved within Alpha Delta Pi, it is certain that she will develop a wide range of skills that will help her grow as an individual and a leader. 

What opportunities are Alpha Delta Pi members involved with on campus?

Our sisters are encouraged to become involved within the campus community. They are members of many of the 225 Registered Student Organizations on WKU's campus. After joining Alpha Delta Pi, your daughter will learn about the different organizations, clubs, and programs offered at WKU. She will be able to reach out to sisters who are involved in those groups to determine which ones are the best fit for her. Oftentimes, new members are introduced to groups through their very own Alpha Delta Pi sisters. This can help your daughter build genuine and meaningful relationships on campus.

What community service opportunities does Alpha Delta Pi offer?

In 1979, Alpha Delta Pi adopted Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) as its international philanthropy. Since then, sisters around the world have been dedicated to helping RMHC provide a home away from home for families. Each semester, our members take volunteer trips to the Ronald McDonald House in Louisville and the Ronald McDonald House in Nashville. During these trips, they complete any needed tasks, which include cooking meals for families, organizing pantry items, and cleaning various rooms. We are so grateful that we are able to work hands on with our philanthropy! In addition to these volunteer trips, members of our chapter volunteer on campus and in the Bowling Green community. In fact, sisters are expected to obtain a minimum of sixteen service hours each semester. Your daughter will be provided with frequent updates on community service opportunities within the area. She may count service hours completed outside of the area toward this requirement as well. We place a high value on service because we recognize that it helps us become more compassionate and empathetic. Furthermore, we understand the importance of advocating for what we are passionate about. Your daughter's love for service will surely blossom here.

What expectations are set forth for members of Alpha Delta Pi?

The Standards Code of Alpha Delta Pi outlines the expectations set forth for members of Alpha Delta Pi. Upon joining Alpha Delta Pi, your daughter will receive a copy of the Standards Code. She will then sign a contract stating that she understands and agrees to abide by those standards. Our standards are put in place to help promote positive behavior and hold sisters accountable for their actions. Each member's attitude and actions affect the welfare of the entire organization. Therefore, members must guard the honor and privilege of their membership in Alpha Delta Pi. The standards of Alpha Delta Pi are consistent with our high ideals, principles, and values. A member whose behavior is inconsistent with the Standards Code will be given notice of a Standards Council meeting. In this meeting, she will be provided with support and guidance that will help her modify her behavior in order to be the best that she can be.

How will Alpha Delta Pi support my daughter in her academic endeavors?

Alpha Delta Pi prioritizes academics. Each member is expected to attain a minimum GPA of 2.80 (on a 4.00 scale). When a member does not meet the minimum GPA, she will meet with the Director of Academic Affairs to develop an individualized program to meet her academic needs. Your daughter will be provided with many opportunities to connect with members with the same major or academic interests. Furthermore, she will be provided with tips focused on time management, studying, and other related skills that are vital to her success within the classroom.

What does a typical week in Alpha Delta Pi look like?

Members of Alpha Delta Pi begin each week by attending a chapter meeting. At chapter meetings, members will recap events from the previous week and prepare for the week ahead. These meetings also provide time for members to reconnect with each other and share any exciting news or special announcements. Throughout the week, members will have the opportunity to attend both standing and special sisterhood events. Standing sisterhood events are recurring events that take place on the same day and time each week. Some of our most popular standing sisterhood events are Take-out Tuesday, where members eat dinner together at the chapter house; Bachelor/Bachelorette Monday, where members gather to watch the popular TV drama; and Bible Study, which is led by our chapter's Chaplain. Special sisterhood events are larger events, and they typically occur monthly. Our Sisterhood Program Specialist works diligently to plan creative and unique events where members can spend quality time together and make lasting memories. The time commitment of Alpha Delta Pi membership varies throughout the year. Diamond Days, Homecoming Week, Philanthropy Week, and Greek Week are some of the busiest weeks of the year for members; however, these are also the weeks that members enjoy the most because the more time we spend together, the stronger our sisterhood grows. We recognize that being a college student is a large time commitment in and of itself. Therefore, we ensure that programming and events related to Alpha Delta Pi will only enrich and never compromise our members' academic success. 

Does Alpha Delta Pi offer scholarships for its members?

Yes! Members of Alpha Delta Pi who are in good standing and hold a minimum 3.2 GPA are eligible to apply for approximately 130 competitive scholarships through the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, an organization that is committed to educate, lead, and serve members of Alpha Delta Pi.  Last year, the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation awarded $169,050 in scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education study! For a complete listing of scholarships available through the Foundation and their requirements, you can visit this link. You can also make a gift to this incredible cause by visiting this link. It is through the kindness of Alpha Delta Pi alumnae and friends that the Foundation is able to serve and provide for our members. 

What is Alpha Delta Pi's policy on dues?

After joining Alpha Delta Pi, your daughter will receive and sign a breakdown of her financial obligations. Alpha Delta Pi expects each of its members to fulfill financial obligations promptly. The delinquency process for members who miss payments consists of three parts. Part one of the process occurs when members are five days past due. At this point, the member's account will be considered delinquent. Part two occurs after members are twenty days past due. Here, the member's account continues to be delinquent and her membership will be suspended. This means that the member will not be allowed to attend chapter functions. After thirty-five days of being past due, the member will begin part three of the delinquency process. At this point, the member's account continues to be considered delinquent and her membership will be cancelled. We realize that being in a sorority is a large financial commitment; however, our chapter relies on financial cooperation from our members in order to provide members with the opportunities, events, and programming that each member desires! Therefore, if a member anticipates that she will have difficulty keeping up with the regular payment cycle, we encourage her to work with the Vice President of Finance to develop a payment plan that fits her unique needs.

Are there any Alpha Delta Pi events that family members can attend?

Yes! Every year, we look forward to hosting our annual family-related events. These include Family Weekend in the fall and Moms' Day and Dads' Day in the spring. Whether it's a backyard BBQ, light brunch, or all-you-can-eat picnic, we love showing our families around our beautiful second home. Our family-related events provide great opportunities for you to become involved with our chapter and learn what Alpha Delta Pi is all about. We also welcome you to come support your daughter and her Alpha Delta Pi sisters at our annual philanthropy events and other events hosted by members of the Greek community, such as Shenanigans, Spring Sing, and Tug.

How can I stay informed on Alpha Delta Pi events and happenings?

The Parent Chronicle, which is put together by Alpha Delta Pi Executive Office, is sent twice a year to all parents of collegiate members of Alpha Delta Pi. In the Parent Chronicle, you can access information about our sorority, including academic requirements, scholarship opportunities, important updates, and more. To view archives of the Parent Chronicle, you can visit this link. To stay up to date with the Epsilon Delta chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our Executive Committee. Parents and family members play an important role in the Alpha Delta Pi experience, so we encourage you to take advantage of resources that will allow you to stay up to date on all things Alpha Delta Pi.

Where can I purchase Alpha Delta Pi merchandise?

If you're looking to buy your daughter a t-shirt, button, bag, or any other Alpha Delta Pi merchandise, make sure to check out The 1851 Shop! This is Alpha Delta Pi's very own shop. It offers exclusive merchandise created just for Alpha Delta Pi members. Click here to shop!

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