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Fruit of the Spirit

When giving advice about choosing a sorority, Katie Wilmes told me to find the group of women who I wanted to resemble by the time I graduated. She encouraged me to leave what was comfortable or familiar behind and engage with mature, intelligent, and faithful women . . . which I did.

Galatians 5:22-23 “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”

Throughout my (almost) two years in ADPi, I have experienced moments and encountered women that resemble these nine attributes to a tee. I’m here to share these with you!


Miss Kylie Bray is our Sisterhood Program Special AND the most hilarious human. Almost every week Kylie is bringing everyone together for fellowship, fun, or just to eat some takeout. However, one event sticks out most. Kylie hosted a “Galentine’s Day” function at the ADPi house where sisters wrote and decorated little cards for each other's Valentine’s shoe boxes. Yeah it’s mushy, but it was an amazing way to show the appreciation that each person in our chapter deserves. Not to mention there was a piñata. You go Kylie Bray!


Okay anyone who knows Mariah Williams knows her name might as well be in the Webster’s dictionary definition of “joy.” The chick literally has a smiley face tattoo on her ankle. Anyway, the first day of freshman year I walked into my history class wearing my pink (sweaty) bid day tank. There sat Mariah in hers, face lit up, spastically waving and smiling at me simply because we had on the same shirt. Ever since, Mariah has been a best friend & light in my life. She has found happiness in every situation including 15 hour car rides together, 6 hour flight delays, and so much more. Mariah spreads her joy through social media and intentional friendships, encouraging everyone around her to see the good in every situation. You go Mariah Williams!


Does anyone else feel like unfortunate events happen consecutively right when life is going just fine? Same. On my Bid Day, Haley Church held the sign with my name on it and invited me with open arms to life in ADPi. Since that day, we have leaned on each other and she has taught me that when life is against you, there are ways to find peace. After taking a semester off with health issues, going through a heartbreak, and everything else that comes with life, Haley found peace. On even the hardest days, she has picked herself up, reflected on her feelings, and has come out stronger. She chose peace. You go Haley Church!


During a worldwide pandemic, it is hard to be flexible or patient. We want our schedules and lives to remain constant, but that’s just not how God works. Laying on the beach in Naples with 30 sisters, I got the news we wouldn’t be returning to school after spring break. A few days later, we found out we weren’t returning at all. Despite having no Greek week, no Senior Sendoff dance, etc., this group of women remained patient. With little to no complaints, we encouraged each other every day to stay active, positive, and productive. You go ADPi!


Recruitment is a hectic and stressful time to say the least. Countless hours for two weeks straight, we spend time in a cramped sweaty room preparing to welcome new young women into our sisterhood. This past year, Karsyn Walling led us all in doing so. Although this is a super fun time of the year, our patience, positivity, and character are definitely tested after a long day. When she may have wanted to yell or scream, Karsyn remained kind and because of that, we gained an amazing Alpha class.

Throughout the year, she continued to share the importance of kindness at EVERY chapter meeting. That’s my big! You go Karsyn!


What’s more “good” than raising money and supporting a great cause? ADPi’s philanthropy is Ronald McDonald House Charities, where struggling families who can’t make ends meet for hospital bills find a temporary place to call home. Every year, ADPi hosts our “Run for Ronald” 5K and countless other events, raising thousands of dollars for the cause. Sisters also visit Ronald McDonald Houses on a regular basis providing emotional support for these families and the employees. It’s just so…. good. You go ADPi!


Okay it’s not every day you come across someone who is so open and bold with what they believe in while simultaneously being super humble about it. This world is full of evil, and it is terrifying. Despite this, Madison Cottrell is faithful. Through her teaching, her social media posts, her summer camp counseling job, her actions, and even her TikToks, Madison lives for her God. You go Madison!


This one looks a little different. Looking back at my freshman year, I would describe myself as a decently outspoken and (unintentionally) insensitive person. However, I truly care about others’ feelings and overall wellbeing. Because of this, I applied to be the Wellness Specialist last fall. This role has provided me the opportunity to put myself in others’ shoes and think very carefully about how what I say/do affects others around me. I am so thankful for the things that this position and my sisters have taught me about gentleness. You go ADPi and go me!


Last but not least . . . One of the main reasons I joined ADPi was because of the standards it would hold me to. This organization ensures success in school, networking, and overall moral code. With these standards, (s/o to Katie Bobb), I have watched the people I care about succeed and hold themselves above what may seem like the college “norm.” You go ADPi!


Aubree Underwood

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