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Ronald McDonald House Charities holds a special place in the hearts of many of my sisters, but I am grateful to have had the opportunity to personally see the impact RMHC has on families.

To me, family is the people that selflessly go the extra mile for the ones they love. However, family is much more than blood. In 2011, my parents opened their hearts to a three-year-old little girl across the world. When my parents met my little sister, Maggie, they found out she had a dislocated hip and knee. Unfortunately, the procedure would need to be completed in Dallas, Texas, almost 700 miles away from our home in Kentucky. After a traumatic hospitalization in China, Maggie needed our parents nearby as she underwent another burdensome operation.

Luckily, the Ronald McDonald House was able to offer my parents and two of my little sisters a place to stay between the surgery and back-to-back doctor appointments. Unlike a hotel, the Ronald McDonald House offered my family close access to the hospital for a small donation and a place that my little sisters could feel at home after long days with the doctors. My family will always be thankful for the generosity of RMHC, so we are incredibly thankful that Alpha Delta Pi gives us the opportunity to give back to this organization.

-Annie Schlosser, Alpha Class of Fall 2017

When my family stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Dallas, I was only nine years old, so I don’t recall many memories associated with their time there. In 2017, my sister joined Alpha Delta Pi, and it helped bring me closer to the organization by participating in the Run for Ronald 5K. Through her involvement in Alpha Delta Pi, I was reminded about what RMHC had done for our family and many others across the US. Now that I have joined Alpha Delta Pi, it has allowed me to be able to participate more in the philanthropy.

Philanthropy day during recruitment was special to me because I got to share how the Ronald McDonald has left an impact on my family with the women of Alpha Delta Pi. Hearing stories about other people’s experience with the Ronald McDonald House and their families made me realize I share many of the same values with ADPi. One of those shared values is family, and to me, family are the people that support and love one another despite all things.

-Emma Schlosser, Alpha Class of Fall 2020

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