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To: Katie From: Ashley

From the outside looking in, a sorority may look like a group of gals that pay to hang out together, an exclusive club filled with secret songs and handshakes and phrases. What isn’t as easily seen though is the depth and the speed that these friendships form, the strength of a group united in morals, growth, education, and yes, genuine friendship. Not even a year ago, I saw greek life, as a whole, through the eyes of an outsider. I quickly came to the realization that ADPi’s sisterhood holds so much more and Miss Katie Bobb has played such a critical role in that.

Katie Bobb, Kabobb, Bobbstone,

You represent everything that is pure goodness. You are kind, resilient, smart, encouraging, beautiful, and oh so funny. When I was knee deep in struggles with classes, you sat down with me and made a game plan, you passed on words of wisdom, and you gave me the tools to come back and conquer it. You have never let me feel discouraged or lonely or unworthy and the thing about it is that you probably had no idea you were doing it. Katie ,when I grow up I want to be like you in all that you do but especially in the way you carry yourself. You carry yourself with a gracefulness that makes everyone around notice and yet you stand firm in what you hold to be true. You pave your own path regardless of any obstacles and you allow your own determination to drive you there. I am so so SO proud to know you and to have you as a sister, you’re truly remarkable Katie Bobb and I can’t wait to see all the miracles performed through you!

All my love and loyalty,

your sister

Ashley Campbell

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