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Why ADPi #2

Alpha Delta Pi: “It’s given me the love you see, and now I’ll pass it on.”

These lyrics stuck out to me during ADPi’s Preference ceremony, and I can’t wait to pass It on in just a few short weeks to all of the girls that come through ADPi’s doors.

Looking back on this time last year, I was preparing for one of the biggest changes in my life: college! Being from a small town, I was so used to familiar faces and friendships, so meeting new people was definitely a must but also a concern of mine. I wanted to be surrounded by friends who would help me grow as a person while staying true to my values. To be honest, I didn’t think that Greek life was the place to find that.

Fast forward to a year later with a whole new perspective. I am writing a blog post about my personal “Why ADPi” experience. How crazy! I can definitely say it has been a life-changing decision to join this sorority. Epsilon Delta has given me memories of a lifetime, and I still have so much more to experience with this sisterhood! From the moment I walked into ADPI during recruitment, I felt so welcomed and wanted. Day after day, I would come back feeling so connected to girls I had just met, and now I share the most loyal and intentional friendships with them. They were the first to show me authenticity, the first to comfort me, the first to express their values, the first to make me feel at home, and within those short moments, I knew that this house on 1633 Chestnut Street was a place that held the most genuine girls who carry themselves so well. After recruitment, I realized that this wasn’t just something that I wanted to be a part of, but something that I truly needed during my next four years on the Hill.

My heart is so full as I sit and think about what Alpha Delta Pi has given me already. A whole year filled with so much encouragement, lots of coffee dates, the best hype girls, travel buddies, heart to hearts, and a random roommate who turned into my best friend and sister all in one. . . I give it all to ADPi. I’m so blessed I have this place to call home, and I thank God for allowing my path to cross with some of the most inspiring girls. It truly is so much more than this and I can’t wait to pass it on!


Liv Akemon

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