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Recommendations & Legacies


We welcome and encourage alumnae of Alpha Delta Pi to submit recommendations for Potential New Members. If you know a collegian that would be a great addition to the Epsilon Delta chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, please complete a recommendation form. To do so, visit this link.

Although we do not require recommendations for women to be considered for membership in Alpha Delta Pi, recommendations provide us with a great opportunity to learn more about Potential New Members. Recommendations do not guarantee membership.


Alpha Delta Pi defines a legacy as “a sister, daughter, or granddaughter of an initiated member of Alpha Delta Pi.” Our policy is to give these women special consideration for membership since the initiation of these women strengthens family ties, giving the chapter increased support. If you know of a Potential New Member that is a legacy, please let us know. Visit this link to complete a recommendation for a legacy. Please ensure that you fill out the Legacy Section.

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