Alpha Delta Pi is committed to high educational standards. To ensure the academic success of our members, a minimum 2.8 GPA is required each semester. In the fall of 2019, we received first in overall grades, first in new member grades, and first in member grades out of all of the sororities on our campus. In fact, forty-two sisters received a 4.0 GPA. Our chapter has a wide range of majors from Dental Hygiene to Elementary Education and so much more!

Study in different spots to mix things up! My favorite places to study are outside in the sunshine or in front of a window.

Anna Beth Callihan, Exercise Science Major

When studying, write down answers at least three times to help you memorize them more easily!

Skylynn Jones, Communication Disorders Major

Be organized in your notes and planner! This will guide your studying and help you stay on top of what all is due.

Halle Hockman, Nursing Major

Stay motivated, and create goals! Allocate a certain amount of material to cover over a certain amount of time.

Taryn Fields, Accounting Major

Make your own study guide and practice test in order to anticipate possible questions for an assessment!

Ellie Phelps, Chemistry Major

Study for an hour, and then take a thirty minute break! You can watch TikTok during that break or do anything you enjoy.

Carly Sabelhaus, Elementary Education Major 


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Shelby McWilliams

Shelby decided to declare a minor in Floral Design after taking an introductory course as a freshman. In that course, she not only fell in love with flowers but also how hands on the classes were. With this minor, Shelby gets to work with flowers and create designs for many different occasions. One of her favorite experiences was a weekend conference where members of the American Institute of Floral Designers hosted interactive workshops. Shelby has truly found her passion through her minor.